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History of the Nursery 

Being fully aware that our children are the future of our country and of the whole world, we religious sisters have made a clear option to lay a solid foundation in the lives of our children. We do this, instilling in them, gently but firmly, Right Values from the moment they join our Nursery School. We inspire in them respect for their parents, for the teachers, and for all the children in the school, irrespective of race and religion. Child psychologists, are stressing more and more that their formation begins even when they are still in the womb. We nuns and teachers take seriously our responsibility to continue their formation from the moment they step into our Nursery school, however small they maybe, even if they are only 3 years old. From the very outset, we have classes in the 3 languages, English, Sinhalese and Tamil.  

Our Nursery school had its humble beginnings in 1942 in a small building with its entrance down Kynsey Road. We began in response to a request from the neighbourhood parents who wanted a Nursery school run by our sisters. We began with 20 – 30 children under the tutorship of Sr. Kenelm, an English sister, who was Montessori trained. She was replaced by Sr. Eusebius who was trained by Madam Montessori herself.  As numbers increased, this building became too small, and the school moved to a much bigger artistically designed building, in 1972 with its entrance in D. S. Senanayaka Mawatha. The reputation of the school spread rapidly, also due to the Montessori methods that were being used, with Sr. Ethel de Silva as Principal for several years. The number of children rapidly increased for all 3 language media classes.

The methods used in this Nursery / pre-school, have as objective, both an intellectual and value education / formation, from the age of 2 and 1/2 (play school) till the age of 5. Each term has its own key events:

In addition to the above, various national and religious events are celebrated:

Prayers are conducted in 4 different groups according to their religion, so that from their childhood, they learn to respect all religions.

We religious sisters have made a clear option for the education / formation of children, both formal and informal. In the present context of our country, where the value system is deteriorating, we see the need to stress on promoting our rich cultural and religious values, and lay the foundation for a disciplined society.

We are glad to collaborate with the parents in the formation of the children. Regular meetings, seminars and sessions for parents and teachers help to work together with the same goal and objectives. The cooperation of the parents and the dedication of the teachers have contributed immensely to the present standard of the school. 

Past pupils of this Nursery school, both in Sri Lanka, and those living in other countries, have suggested forming a Past Pupils Association. You are most welcome to begin such an Association!   

You are most welcome to come and visit us!